Guru Purnima

Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho!
Dada Bhawans

Dada Bhagwans’
Gurupurnima 2024

  • Somerset, NJ, USA

  • July 19 to 22, 2024

Continuing on the success of Guru Purnima celebration at South Carolina in 2023, we are again celebrating Dada Bhagwan’s Guru Purnima in USA at Somerset, New Jersey from Friday, 19th July to Monday, 22nd July 2024 in the very presence of Dada Bhagwan’s Aptaputras.

Please accept this email as a hearty invitation for all Mahatmas and Mumukshus to join us with friends and family to celebrate Pujya Dada's Guru Purnima.

Please mark these dates in your calendar: 19th to 22nd July, 2024.

Celebrated by

Dada Bhagwan Charitable Inc.
Jai Sachchidanand Sangh, India

For more information contact:

📞 Vasudev Patel:   +1  732.322.3563 📞

📞 Pankaj Patel:  +1  732.754.2718 📞

📞 Mahesh Patel:  +1  732.423.6599 📞